Mechanical Services

At Tire Centers Inc., we use today’s latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor auto repair services on foreign and domestic vehicles. Whether it’s an oil change or other routine maintenance, or an emergency repair, you can count on Tire Centers Inc. for work that’s fast, fairly priced, and guaranteed.

We offer Emergency Roadside Assistance

Below are some of the many auto and tire repair services we offer.

Brakes are the most important part of the safety system in your vehicle.  We’ll identify any potential problems and suggest the necessary repairs to ensure your vehicle is safe and road-ready. A complete brake service will include the following: check for moisture and contamination, inspect hydraulic lines/hoses, inspect wheel cylinders/calipers, inspect master cylinder/calipers, clean dirt/old fluid out of master cylinder, flush old fluid out of master cylinder/calipers/wheel cylinders, add new brake fluid to master cylinder and road test vehicle for proper brake operation.

TCI will provide complete oil change service that saves you time and money! Regular oil changes are essential for the life of your vehicle and to maintain your new car warranty. Complete oil change service at TCI includes everything you expect and more.

New vehicles, their wheels, frame, suspension, and other components were aligned to maximize performance and reduce wear on your tires. Over time, these systems become “out of alignment” so the tires no longer operate parallel with each other and meet the road at the correct angle. An alignment can increase the life of your tires, stabilize your car on the road and give you greater control.

Hoses transport fluids to and from various components such as the radiator, brakes, steering and transmission. Over time these hoses can dry out and crack or wear leaving the hose leaky and putting your vehicle at risk of breakdown.

Most manufacturers recommend that all four tires should be rotated and balanced approximately every seven thousand miles. A great way to keep up with this recommendation is to have your tires rotated and balanced about every other time you have your oil changed.

The most common cause of inadequate cooling is when the refrigerant leaks through worn seals and O-rings, loose fittings and connections. To make sure all the parts and components of your car’s air conditioner are working properly, we recommend having your A/C checked at the beginning of the warm season. Our qualified techs will test for worn hoses, leaks or contamination

Today’s vehicles feature complex electronic engine control systems. If you begin to have an engine problem, such as rough running, low fuel economy, failure to pass an emissions test, or dashboard warning lights, be sure to get service as soon as possible. Our technicians can check out and replace or repair these engine components: ignition system, anti-lock brake system (ABS), restraint systems, fuel injection system, emissions, and electrical.

A fuel service cleans fuel injectors and the throttle body. It also cleans the plenum and air intake as well as the intake valves and ports. The fuel/air induction cleaning service removes combustion chamber deposits and corrects balance of fuel and air in the system.

To maintain a safe and constant operating temperature, your vehicle uses transmission fluid to cool and lubricate the moving parts. The fluid reduces the amount of potentially damaging heat inside the transmission and helps increase the life of this important system. Because some of the ingredients in the transmission fluid break down over time due to this heat the fluid should be replaced at specified intervals.

The steering and suspension systems bear the weight of your vehicle, keep the tires on the road, and help you experience a smooth, controlled ride. To help make sure your steering and suspension systems are working properly, our technicians can examine all of your steering and suspension components, including: Tie Rod Ends (inner and outer), Idler Arm, Pitman Arm, Rack & Pinion Unit, and Rack & Pinion Bellows Boots.

Our experienced tire technicians can help get your new forklift tires, boom lift tires, or scissor lift tires replaced on your equipment fast.

TCI provides 24-hour roadside assistance for motorists, farmers, and truck operators. Contact us any hour of the day or night for emergency 

Our full-service truck repair shops offer driveline installation and repair services for a wide range of applications, from heavy-duty trucks and light-duty 4x4s to farm and industrial equipment.

At some point drivers encounter a problem with their power steering system on their vehicle, anything from noise to stiff steering or fluid leaks or hard turning when the vehicle is cold. Normal driving causes your power steering fluid to get damaged from heat, friction and electrochemical degradation.

Our technicians will make sure the battery connections are tight and free from debris or corrosion and suggest any necessary service. If your battery needs replacement, we’ll help you make the best choice for your vehicle and driving conditions. It is important to have your battery changed every 5 to 6 years. So if it’s been awhile, come see us at TCI soon and let’s make sure your new battery is installed properly and the charging and starting systems are working well.

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